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See THOMAS JENKINS OF MARYLAND, 1670; pg 22: Mary Ann married Will iam
Rhody Luckett, son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Price) Luckett, whose sis ters
Ann and Elizabeth married her uncles George and John Jenkins, respect-
ively. William Rhody Luckett and Mary Ann Semmes had five children.


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See THE MARYLAND SEMMES op.cit., pg 66: Married April 4, 1864, he r widowed brother-in-law, Rice Winfield Payne. He had earlier been ma rried to Mary's sister, Ann America Semmes who died Jan 29 1862.


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See The Maryland Semmes and Kindred Familes, Newman, p.66-7:

Raphael Semmes, son of Joseph and Henrietta (Thompson) Semmes was
born on Aug 24, 1786 in Charles County. He married on October 6, 1818,
Mary Matilda Jenkins, of Charles County, born December 28, 1800, the
daughter of Captain Thomas Jenkins and Mary Neale, his wife....
They had 13 children:
1. Ann Maria Semmes born 1819 died 1820.
2. Mary Virginia Semmes, born Mar. 13 1821, married Apr 4 1864,
her widowed brother-in-law, Rice Winfield Payne.
3. Benedict Joseph Semmes, born June 12 1823, married Jorantha Jordan.
4. Thomas Jenkins Semmes, born Dec 16, 1824, married Myra Eulalie Knox.
5. Ann America Semmes, born July 3, 1826, married Rice Winfield Payne.
6. Alexander Ignatius Semmes, born Dec 17, 1828.
7. Clara Elizabeth Semmes, born Aug 5, 1830 married William Bushby Fitz-
Gerald Feb 22, 1815, Captain Confederate Navy, he died Aug 9, 1862.
8. Mary Sabina Semmes, born Dec 6 1832, married Sep 20 1856, Dr. Alphonso
Thomas Semmes. q.v.
9. Cora Matilda Semmes, born June 26, 1834, married Joseph Christmas Ives.
10. Raphael Semmes, born June 1836, lost at sea 1853 from SS Antelope en
route from San Francisco to New York City.
11. Ada Eliza Semmes, born June 4 1838, died Oct 20 1893, married Oct 6,
1858, Richard Henry Clarke.
12. Peregrine Warfield Semmes, born Mar 12 1841, died Feb 12 1906, single.
13. William Gaston Semmes, born 1843, died 1844.

"About 1818 Raphael Semmes instituted action in the court of Charles County against his sister Mary C. Winter, widow of Henry F. Winter , and Catherine T. H. Winter, heirs of Richard H. Winter, deceased, to show cause why they had not negotiated a deed of conveyance on portions of "Effton Hills," "Perry's Last Chance," "Brit's Adventure," "V erlinda," and "Hudson's Exchange," according to a bond made and executed by Richard H. Winter in his life time. The court appointed Samuel Hanson guardian to the two Winter orphans who on March 19, 1819, ac cording to a decree of the Circuit Court, deeded the plantations in question to Raphael Semmes.

"As resident of Georgetown on July 17, 1822, he conveyed to Alexan der Gray, of Charles County, "Effton's Hills" which he had purchased from Richard H. Winter and also "Addition to Perry's Last Chance, " being a portion of a tract likewise conveyed or purchased from Winter, and also "Hudson's Exchange" of 98 acres which he had purchased from Edward Brawner, inasmuch as he, Raphael Semmes, had agreed to convey to Henry Posey who on January 22, 1822, had assigned to Alexander Gray.

"On July 7, 1824, he and his wife, Matilda Semmes, of Georgetown, conveyed to Lewis (Louis) A. Jenkins, of Charles County, two-tenths of "Gill's Land" which had descended to Matilda Semmes by the will of her deceased father, Thomas Jenkins.

"The will of Raphael Semmes was dated January 4, 1845, and prove d in the District of Columbia on October 30, 1845.

'To wife Matilda during life the house and lot on 1st St. in Georgetown where he lived; the house and lot occupied by Mrs. Buck on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington; two small brick houses and lots on Frederick St., Georgetown; and all household and kitchen furniture.
'To his six daughters -- Virginia, America, Clara, Sabina, Cora, a nd Ada -- joint tenancy in the house and lot at 4 1/2 St. (sic ) and Pennsylvania Avenue, then occupied by John Suter; also the house and lot then occupied by him in Georgetown, at death of his wife.
'To sons Raphael, Warfield, Alexander, Benedict Joseph, and Thomas , personalty.
'Executors -- brother Benedict Joseph Semmes and son Benedict Joseph Semmes.

"His widow was thrown from her carriage and injured fatally on June 16, 1881, near Warrenton, Virginia, where she died five days later . She was buried on June 23, 1881, in Trinity Church Cemetery, Georgetown."


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See THOMAS JENKINS OF MARYLAND (op.cit.), pg 73:
"Raphael Semmes, born June 1836; lost at sea in 1853 from the S.S . Antelope, enroute from San Francisco to New York, aged 17."


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See the article about the life of Admiral Raphael Semmes in THE MARYLAND SEMMES AND KINDRED FAMILIES by Harry Wright Newman, Maryland Historical Society, 1956., pp. 76-80.